About Us

Who We Are

Hands Off Public Housing (HOPH) is a coalition of community and union activists to campaign against the privatisation of public housing and the sell-off of public housing land, fight for the expansion of public housing in Victoria and for the rights of public housing tenants. HOPH is non party-political.

HOPH work is based on the basic human right of all to affordable and secure housing. HOPH believes that public housing is the only type of housing that is affordable for vulnerable Victorians.

What We Do

HOPHs work includes direct action, advocacy, community organising, building the coalition, media, public information and education, research and support for tenants including legal advice.

Our research demonstrates that successive governments over the past decades have failed to adequately respond to the increasing affordable housing and homelessness crises. The current situation has been a long time in the making by current and previous governments.


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