There is no other title for public housing.  It is not community housing, it is not social housing, it is not ‘not for profit’ housing.   It is housing owned by the people, used by the people and administrated by our elected representatives. Public housing belongs to us, it is a recognition that housing is not a commodity it is a human right.

No government has the right to sell public housing.  Privatisation of this fundamental inalienable right will not be supported or tolerated, particularly at a time when there are 58,000 Victorians either homeless, paying in excess of 40% of their income in private rental, and while there are children suffering because they have no secure, affordable roof over their heads.

The decision by governments to sell off huge areas of publicly owned housing land is a disgrace.  It is WRONG because that land can never be replaced. It is WRONG because it penalizes families living in their homes on those estates.

It is WRONG because we know that private developers discriminate against public housing tenants on private estates and it is totally WRONG because it removes government responsibility for housing its people.

We are totally opposed to the sale of public housing land to private for profit developers.

Governments claim that ‘estates are run down and need redeveloping’.  For those that are, they are right, but it was government who ran down the estates not tenants and it is government that must bring these estates back to community standard and ensure that individuals and families are not victimized by government failure to maintain public property. Instead of privatisation, each estate should be improved with tenants remaining in their areas, to avoid disruption to schools, doctors, hospitals and community support.  These are people not commodities.

We, the people therefore, undertake to intensify the campaign to DEFEND AND EXTEND PUBLIC HOUSING as the only real solution to the housing crisis and will continue to fight for housing justice for the people of Victoria.