As part of the Public Housing Renewal Program, the government wants to sell inner north public housing to property developers. All of the sold public housing will be demolished. The majority of the housing that will then be built on the estate will be private housing which will be sold by the developer for a profit. A small part of the estate will be used to rebuild some ‘social’ housing, but this will be smaller and will not accommodate as many people who currently live on the estates. After the redevelopment, there will be nearly twice as much private housing as there is ‘social’ housing.

Will I be able to come back?

Not everyone will be able to come back to the estate. There will not be enough ‘social’ housing for everyone to come back The majority of the new housing built will be private housing. Most of the ‘social’ housing built will be one and two bedrooms.

Is Social Housing the same as Public Housing?

When the Government talks about social housing it usually means community housing. Community housing is not public housing, and is not run by the government. Under tenancy laws, community housing is the same as private housing. If you live in community housing, you might be required to pay more rent and will have fewer tenancy rights.

Will there be 10% more public housing?

Most of the new ‘social’ housing will be smaller, with fewer bedrooms than currently exists. This means that the redeveloped estate will house less ‘social’ housing tenants. The Public Housing Renewal Programme is promising a 10% increase in public housing on the estates that are being redeveloped, but what is omitted is that the majority of new homes will be
Private dwellings. It also isn’t clear whether the new ‘social’ housing being built will be public housing, there is a high likelihood that the new ‘social’ housing will be owned or managed by community housing providers.

Will I have the same amount of space?

There will be a severe loss of open space on the 9 public housing estates the government is planning to demolish and privatise, for instance, Walker St. Northcote will have 34% less, New St. Brighton 40% less, Gronn Place, Brunswick and Flemington estates 15% less. This reduced open space together with doubling of units and parking can only mean more congestion and reduced amenity for public housing tenants.

Where will DHHS send me?

You list three areas where you want to live. They have said they will try to put you in one of these areas, but this depends on whether public housing is available. For you to stay in an area of your choice may require private rental housing. Otherwise they can send you anywhere.


Residents and the community have been kept in the dark. The Government hasn’t told people the details of its plans or what the really mean for residents. Consultation sessions haven’t answered resident’s questions and too many people have only heard about Labor’s plans from their neighbours or the news. Labor have even blocked a Green MP from delivering flyers to residents in high rise estates for nearly three months.

Public Housing Defence Network.

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